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Be a ‘STRONG’ Leader: 6 Skills For Every Good Leader

‘STRONG’ – 6 key skills of great leaders!

S – Shares responsibility

Team Of 8 Blue People Holding Up Connected Pieces To A Colorful Puzzle That Spells Out "Team," Symbolizing Excellent Teamwork, Success And Link Exchanging Clipart Illustration GraphicA good leader will have mastered the art of delegating tasks appropriate to the skills of each individual within their team. Showing a willingness to trust others with this responsibility helps them to feel valued. The danger of course, as many teachers know, is when leaders delegate too much to one person. This can cause a negative effect (feelings of stress, being ‘used,’ taken advantage of) Every member of your team needs to feel valued. A teaching staff who feel valued by their SLT are stronger, more effective and are likely to achieve higher standards in the classroom. Be a great leader, see the strengths in each teacher and share some responsibility with them! For tips on delegation see: (Image source:

T – Tolerant


One of the brilliant qualities of an effective leader is the ability to show tolerance in times of crisis. Keeping calm, composed and steadfast in the midst of stormy situations when emotions are running high, is truly essential for a good leader. For many teachers, issues may arise with parents or even with other staff across departments – a cool head and a proactive attitude are skills a leader will need to employ to defuse the situation, showing a tolerance and understanding of both viewpoints whilst having initiative to resolve the incident. Be a great leader, stay calm under pressure! (Image source:

R – Respectful


Great leaders need to ooze respect – respect for themselves and respect for others. By having respect for yourself in your environment, you are being an exemplary role model. I know that Facebook has caused many people across the province to lose their job due to the nature of their posts. Social media has fantastic benefits for teachers, but extreme caution needs to be taken when it comes to sharing personal photographs or information – always retain your respect. Respecting others opinions, praising their achievements and showing they are valued members of your team, earns respect in return. Be a great leader, respect yourself and respect others! For more tips on respect within a leadership role see: (Image source:

O – Open-minded


An effective leader will evaluate the situation at hand and will have a vision of what they want. It is important that leaders consider all options when making decisions towards their vision – evaluating the input from all staff for the betterment of the whole. A good leader will be open–minded about new initiatives and about changing current practice – but even more important, they will remain realistic about the value of new ideas. Be a great leader, embrace new ideas to show you are open-minded! For more tips on being an open-minded leader, see (Image source:

N – Nurturing

powerofEncouragementI think one of the downfalls of a leader is when they let the position get to their heads! They think they are above the staff and get a prestigious attitude. One of the qualities I admire the most in my leaders is the ability to nurture – to encourage, praise and give support to their staff. It really makes me feel like I am a valued member of the school and that all the hard work I do, is not only noticed, but it is appreciated. Be a great leader, take the time to encourage and praise! (Image source:

G – Good listener

Good-Listener-620x480Great leaders will have excellent listening skills. Having the ability to listen to members of your team shows them that you trust and value their opinion. It shows that you are willing to understand the situation so you can make the best informed decision. Staff will have issues that need addressed at SLT level – listening to them and giving them feedback on their concerns is essential. Always have time for members of your team – a good leader will make time for every individual regardless of how busy they are. Be a great leader, listen, feedback and make time! For more tips on being a good listener, see (Image source:


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